Brute-force attack on WordPress Blogs are a common security problem. Every Site owner should take active steps to prevent this security breach
In our other articles we discuss various plugins that help protect your site.

One key important thing to do is to ensure you have a secure Username and Password

So lets get into it.

In this article we show you how to Delete and change your Admin User (or any user) correctly to help better secure your site.
In WordPress it does not allow you to change you username, it is grayed out.


How do you change your User and Admin?

First thing to do is backup your database in your CPanel, in case of issues.

Step 1: Now Login as an admin

Step 2: In your WordPress Dashboard Hover over the “Users” from the left menu, you will see few options. Click “Add New User

Step 3: In the New Users window, Insert all the new User Details

  • Ensure you use a secure Password
  • Most Important thing to do here: Under Role Dropdown, Select the User Role, in the case of Changing Admin, select “Administrator”

Pro-Tip: do not use the same users name as your name, or the name that is publicly displayed on your blogs.
Why help the hackers by advertising your user name!

When the Page reloads, you will now see a new user with Admin Role assigned.

Step 5: Open an Incognito (Private) Web Browser
Login using the new Admin Username and Password to check it it works, and you have Admin Power

Step 6. If all OK. Logout of both accounts. (Top right of the Dashboard)

Step 7: Open a new window and Login using the new Admin username and password

Step 8: From the left menu of your dashboard, click Users

Step 9: Delete users
You will see all the users.
Hover over the Old Admin user and Click Delete
*WARNING” – Follow Step 10 Below Very carefully or you may lose all content and posts made by that user

Step 10: Delete User correctly
Backup your database from Cpanel just incase something goes wrong
You will see delete options.
From the options, click the “Attribute All Posts to:” and from the Dropdown, select the new Admin user, or any other user you wish to give the Article Posts attribution to.

Finally click Delete

All done, you should see the old User is gone.

Now your site is that much more protected, with a more secure harder to guess username and password.

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