Troubleshooting to find DIVI Visual Editor problem

DIVI Visual front end editor is robust and useful. It’s an amazing tool to easily edit your website.

But at times it can start to play up and cause problems.

Today I came across a new problem. When I went to the front end editor the editor did not load.

So to check what went wrong I did the usual troubleshooting steps:

  1. Disabled Plugins one by one
  2. Checked Debug reports
  3. Checked Security Plugins
  4. Ensured all updates where done
  5. Reverted Divi back to previous version

None of these methods worked.

Constant Load of DIVI visual editor

Activate DIVI safe mode

To check if its Divi or something else that’s causing this problem, I activated Divi Safe Mode. By going to DIVI > SUPPORT > Safe mode Enable

Went to the front end and surprise surprise, Divi visual editor works now. This shows there is a conflict with a plugin or a script that’s causing the editor not to work.

Now we cannot leave the Safe Mode active as none of the plugins will work, including your Security plugins.

Activate DIVI safe mode to see if plugins causing problems

Disable Static CSS in Divi

To check if any CSS or script could be causing issues, I disabled Static CSS within DIVI. By going to DIVI > Theme Options > Builder > Advanced

Disable Static CSS in DIVI

This Solved the problem on the front end.

Now we should not leave this option Enabled as Static CSS speeds up your site.

After further research and checking help forums, I found the problem.

Problem was Cloudflare Rocket Loader

The problem seems to be a conflict with Cloudflare. Specifically, Cloudflares’s Rocket loader which claims to speed up your site.

Checking Cloudflare’s own troubleshooting guides it seems Rocket Loader itself, though helpful, may not be necessary for WordPress as their own Plugin disables Rocket loader by default.

See their Support Article

So I Disabled Cloudflare on Cloudflare Dashboard. By going to Cloudflare Dash > Speed > Optimization > Rocket Loader > Off

Turn Off Rocket Loader

And all is working fine now.

If you guys have found another workaround that keeps Rocket Loader active do comment and let me know.

I hope this was helpful to those struggling with this annoying problem!