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Rising to the challenge, creatively

Boutique Digital Agency

A Media agency born focused on providing Big Agency support to Small, Medium businesses and Rising Stars the Soloprenuers, without the Big agency price. Being a partner not just a service provider.

Expert Specific

We specilise in only a specific marketing, design and consultation services. Unlike many other agencies we do not believe in “Anything and everything and masters of Nothing”

Unique process

Our unique process of client first, regular contact and refinement model combined with modern collaborative software ensures we deliver higher than expected

Customer Support

We believe the customer is king and we deliver user focused projects and services that respond to our clients challenges and exceeds their expectations.


Projects Completed

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Our Story

Rising unexpectedly

The story so far

After graduating from university with Masters Degrees our two founders; Afzol and Foysol Ali established a startup. First office opened in London close to the “Silicon Roundabout” in 2011. Our humble beginnings started out as a self managed startup online retailer.

They tirelessly worked on products and retail services. However, no matter how hard they worked on products, overall sales where not increasing as expected. Realising quickly that no matter how good products or services are, if you cannot engage and attract the attention of customers in a competative modern digital world, sales will not increase and you risk the business.

By then, having built up an excellent network with world famouse brands, and strong partnerships with local independant retailers. The company repositioned the business to service other retailers.

In need of branding, website and marketing support, they searched and searched all over to find suitable media agencies to assist the internal teams. But was shocked to find for so many reasons many agencies where either providing poor customer service, untracked low ROI monthly commitments, and most, especially larger agenices, charge extortionate prices for projects. These things made agency services out of reach for young startup company. Instead decided to build our internal media marketing team.

Two years later and industry specific knowledge, things were going great. But soon, our network of businesses began to reach out, experiencing exactly the same problem we had. They requested our own teams and expertise to help them. We began to assist retailers across the Europe in marketing, design, POS displays, specific campaigns strategy, print media, eCommerce, multi-channel selling and much more. Our teams grew to cater for the demand.

2015 Riseink Media was born. To provide UK and European client with services by in-house creative and marketing teams.

Now from rising stars to niche brands, if anyone requires responsive website design and development, engaging print media design and distribution, nifty affective email and social media marketing campaigns, Riseink Media creates, markets and manages it all.

Specialising in holistic marketing, design and digital media solutions for Startups, SMEs and soloprenurs within, Hospitality, Fashion & Beauty industry and Ecommerce retailers.

Whats to come? who knows. But what we do know, it’s going to be one hell of an exciting journey !

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