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Video Marketing Gets Results

100% more visits – 30% more clicks – 64% more likely to buy


Your marketing efforts can never be creative enough. Our explainer and animated videos are jam-packed with new and exciting ways to promote and represent your business to your ideal audience.


Your brand is unique, your ideas are unique, your marketing should be unique. Don’t settle for the ordinary. Our video marketing services will have you standing out and above the competition.


Your ideas, voice and message matter. We will work with you to make sure your animated video is everything you hoped it would be. We’ll be in full contact with you every step of the way.

Production Process



We work with you to establish your vision & goals. Determine exactly what the use cases and medium of the video will be such as higher ranking of the website for SEO, coversion, leads, social media sharing. Establsihing a clear framework of the video and end goals to measure and optimise.

Scripting & storybaord

Before we begin to record and produce your amazing video.

We will first:

  1. Draft ideas,
  2. Create a script for you to review and get feedback
  3. Create a draft storyboard to visualise what will be within the video

The script and storyboard willoutline the video and guide the final production


After scrip was approved we will produce a working video or animation. It will be produce to reach the goals set out and target audience it is aimed at. We will present the video to you, to ensure it is fully loved, and get any feedback for edits and changes you may like. Collaborative approach is the best way to ensure we get the results needed.


Almost complete now. We build upon any feedback given as often as needed. Then produce the final video and animation. Ready for launch.  

Deliver & Launch

Once you are fully happy with the end production, we will deliver the final video copy to you for you to use and share. If you have taken on the marketing service, we will prepare and optimise the video format for all relavent platforms ensure correct descriptions and tags are in place and launch the digital campaign.

Why Video? Why Riseink?

By 2017, almost 75 % of all Internet traffic will be videos.
To deliver high-impact messages to consumers, more professionals and companies are investing in marketing strategies around video as the digital medium of choice.
So what will you be using the video for in your business?
In need of custom video creation guaranteed to boost engagement, drive traffic, and spread your brand message!?

Through our strategic partnerships and in-house teams, we’re able to offer our clients high quality, high impact video marketing services that gets you noticed and drives sales.

Our video creation process begins with a thorough consultation and collaboration, determining you goals and customers. We then create a video that addresses these targets in the most engaging way possible.

Riseink specialises in producing affordable, high-impact marketing videos built to serve any company and any budget, from top-tier industry leading productions to simple promotions that anyone can afford.


47% of ALL internet usage is spent watching videos
Will your video be one of them?

Go video, Go viral.

Unleash the Power of Video and Take Control of Your Marketing

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